Mining equipments are subjected to operations 24/7 – 365 days. These machineries often return from the field with nuts & bolts that are stubborn. Speed and time are of utmost importance.

Technicians are expected to quickly get the unit running again as idle equipment means accumulated loss for the company.
Starchrome helps to enhance confidence and eases technicians so they can perform what they do best.

Power generation

In power plants, professional users are tasked to keep turbines running smoothly as thousands of businesses and households depend on electricity. Preventive, corrective and routine maintenance are carried out frequently.
Starchrome is designed to make work easier for professional users performing tasks of consequence where the costs of failure are high

Heavy duty trucks and fleets

Fleet owners have hundreds to thousands of trucks. Mechanics run different tests and services many vehicles daily to ensure safety. Keeping the trucks in smooth condition is no easy job. A reliable heavy duty tool can make the difference for mechanics.

Starchrome only produce heavy duty tools that have exceeded German DIN standards. It has extra strength and bigger maximum torque ability.


Assembly plants will benefit from the use of heavy duty tools. Constant nuts and bolts tightening require tools that have strength. Starchrome heavy duty tools is made for the job. With Proper application and correct maintenance it will extend the tool service life.

Agricultural Tractors

Agricultural tractors are used in some of the harshest environment. When used in the field, the bolts and nuts holding the joints are often exposed in muds and covered with dirt, thus creating resistance and stubborn joints. Often, it becomes difficult to disassemble. Starchrome is an excellent tool built for tasks that require more than normal durability.

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